2021 Design Trends To Watch

The year 2020 will will always be remembered for the challenges it presented.  I am doing my best to think about the silver linings that were hidden within the difficulties we all faced.  The greatest silver lining being that many of us were pulled back into our homes for work and family time more so than ever before, and our homes have once again become the central place of our lives.  With this comes along a new focus to make those spaces work for us in every way we need them to.  I found this post @TheIdentitéCollective to sum up

Opening A Door

Keeping oneself in a place where you can believe doors are there to be opened in life isn’t easy. I have always been drawn to doorways though…they seem so hopeful. The endless possibility that something behind each door has the potential to be so many wonderful things elicits something in me. It is one of the things that has always drawn me to houses. As a child, and even still today, driving around at night has fascinated me. I love the brief moments of being able to catch a glimpse of people inside their homes, living within the warm glow